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Korean nano technology


Company «Medica.Tec»

Directly collaborates with leading laboratories of natural cosmetic preparations in South Korea. And this is not only exclusivity, it is an opportunity to keep abreast of the entire life cycle of drugs: from creating a formula to testing the finished product. That is why, by offering our products to customers, we guarantee the highest quality, safety and efficiency.


Non injection revetalization

Non injection re-vitalization methods (resuming skin quality) are low molecular weight serums that are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin by barophoresis.

Lifting systems, as well as cosmeceuticals to solve various kinds of skin problems.


Exclusive treatments

Exclusive procedures that stand an order of magnitude higher than others due to the fact that ALL principles of aesthetic medicine are implemented in them: speed, effectiveness, complete painlessness, safety. The results are visible after the first session. Both the beautician and the user will be cognitively appreciating the importance of the non-injection technique and feeling its effect.

partner countries

The company MEDICA.TEC is the official exclusive representative of South Korean products in more than 18 countries.

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master classes

On-site training workshops and seminars are held for advanced training in Ukraine and abroad.

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Active attendance at international exhibitions in the field of beauty and fashion.

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On-site training workshops and seminars are held for advanced training in Ukraine and abroad.

Method Barophoresis

Provides effect as after salon “injections of beauty”

Medical cosmetology center MEDICA.TEC offers such a solution! Non-injection facial mesotherapy will provide an amazing anti-aging, lifting and healing effect without a needle and without violating the integrity of the skin!

  • Substantially tighten the skin.
  • Get rid of age spots.
  • Eliminate wrinkles.
  • Solve various inflammatory processes and skin problems.
  • Restore dehydration, dry face.
  • Give the skin a smooth natural color

Method Barophoresis

Method advantages

  • No damage to the skin;
  • Painlessness of the procedure;
  • Instant effect;
  • No redness on the skin;
  • It can be used by women with fragile vessels or sensitive skin;
  • Eliminating not only the consequences, but also the source of the problem.